Sunday, October 16, 2005

Recruitment and Program Update


Training is done and the programs at Centretown, Reception House and Rideau Library are starting next week. For those of you volunteering at Centretown who don't have your police checks back yet, hold tight - we'll let you know as soon as they are returned so you can get started.

The Reading Circle at 88 Main will start NEXT Saturday (the 29th) and the Sawmill After-School Program will start in November.

The Arch Street Reading Circle is now scheduled to begin in January, given that we are still looking for some more volunteers. It's a wonderful program, it just seems to be at a difficult time and location for people, so if you know of anyone interested in volunteering, please have them contact us.

For detailed information on our programming, please go to the Frontier College Ottawa Page. If you have (or know) children who would like to participate in our programs, they are all free. But you do have to register. Again, please go to the Frontier College Ottawa Page for more information.

Finally, on the events front we'll be at the Family Conference next weekend at Immaculata High School to (hopefully) recruit some learners for our programs. We'll also be back at the University of Ottawa on November 3 to do some more recruiting and promotion of our club and programs.

Finally, we hope to see some of our volunteers out at our first Meeting/Pub and Speed Scrabble night at the end of the month on October 30.

Happy Reading!



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