Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Towards a Fully Literate Canada (and other news)

Hey SFLO readers!

Three pieces of info/news to share with you today.

1. Anyone out there interested in volunteering to design a logo for Students for Literacy in Ottawa? If so, let us know!

2. Got another email today about the Rec Hall publication - courtesy of Carleton Clubs and Societies. Info here for those interested:

“Stand in The Truth of Who You Are”
Put your creativity to good use!!!

REC Hall is looking for any creative writers who are interested in submitting pieces for this year’s REC Interlock Magazine! Any poems, articles, short stories, recipes, artwork, photographs, or anything else relating to race, ethnicity, or cultural issues are welcome!

Send your work or any questions to Candice and Stacia at: rec_hall@cusaonline.com, candicecallender@hotmail.com, ssahi@connect.carleton.ca

OR visit the REC HALL office at:
316A Unicentre Bldg.
Entry space is limited!
Submission Deadline: December 16th, 2005

3. Was surfing around the web today and realized that a new report came out last week. Apparently, the Minister of State for Human Resources Development appointed a Ministerial Advisory Committee on Literacy and Essential Skills to “to offer the Minister of State advice informing the development of a comprehensive literacy and essential skills strategy.”

It reported November 25. They are calling upon the Federal Government to take an immediate leadership role in the development of a comprehensive Pan-Canadian Literacy Strategy. The report is available HERE.

In other federal government news, the Finance Minister`s recent Economic Update on November 14th, 2005 also had a bit in it on literacy (I understand how some of you might have missed it among all the other items listed - as one blog I read stated - "If any member of the voting public has not yet received a grant, or an increase to a pre-existing grant, then they really didn't read through this week's press releases. You're eligible, trust me"). At any rate, he called for the development of “… a national literacy strategy with provinces and territories”.

Given we are now in election mode, thinking I may start perusing the campaign material from the parties to see if any of them have anything to say about the state of literacy in Canada. I'll let you know what I find!



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