Monday, December 12, 2005

Literacy, the election, odds and ends

Hi again,

Further to previous posts about how I would check if anything gets said about literacy during the federal election, I decided to check the websites of some of the main literacy organizations/advocates to see what, if anything, they had up.

Happily, Frontier College has some information on their page that you can check out HERE.

Other than that, the Movement for Canadian Literacy has some updated advocacy material on their page (what parliamentarians can do to promote literacy etc...)

While going through this, also came across some other literacy news that I had missed. In no particular order, some press releases and info of possible interest below:

ABC Canada and Starbucks Launch Gift of Words - November 21, 2005

StatsCan Daily - Building on our Competencies, the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey - November 30, 2005

Low literacy in workforce highlighted in Summary of StatsCan-OECD survey - December 8, 2005

New Stats reveal: Low Literacy saps Canadians and Economy, says ABC Canada Literacy Foundation - November 30, 2005




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