Monday, December 12, 2005

More on kids books

Hey all,

Was thinking on one of Lyndsay's previous posts about good children's books and did a bit of surfing about to see what else was out there inspiration-wise on the net.

Found a few interesting bits and pieces. One - on Amazon there is a ready made list of multi-cultural books. I remember last year sometimes having a bit of a challenge finding books representative of different cultures - so here are some ideas!

From the list, the only one I recognized was Stone Soup. I believe this is a re-done telling of the story, though I remember Donna Stewart from the Ottawa Storytellers, telling it at one of our January Conferences (coming up this Jan. 14 - save the date!).

Another site that makes some suggestions, as well as providing some ideas re: how to go about choosing a children's book is the National Children's Book and Literary Alliance, which, like the Literacy Site, is also an American organization. Anyhoo, according to their site they are:

"a not-for-profit literacy organization created in 1997 by award-winning children's book authors and illustrators. The NCBLA’s main goal is to make issues related to young people's literacy, literature, and libraries an ongoing priority on our national agenda. We act as a freelance, nonpartisan advocate, creating and developing special projects and events that promote literacy, literature, libraries, and the arts; educating the public about practical literacy and education solutions; and ensuring young people's right to read."

Sounds good to me.

While I'm on a bit of a linking kick, there is also something out there called the Write4Kids Message Board, for any aspiring authors. Also good for just browsing for ideas.

Also, the LA Times, also has a Kids' Reading Room that is fun to check out.

And for those interested, I came across most of these sites via a Blog Site called Cachibachis, which provides odds and ends about children's illustrations and writing for kids.


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