Monday, December 19, 2005

Scary things online


Every now and then (in my quieter moments) I query "Literacy" on Blogger just to see what I come up with.

This one, courtesy of Life in Reality is a bit, um, worrying.

Besides the fact that the publicist seems to have suceeded in locating a second Fabio - when the entire world should agree that one is enough - there is the, um, fact that they appear to be encouraging folks not to read.

You can check out the full campaign here. It's a company that sells audio tapes. Their schpiel, once you listen to a snippit from Jarhead (available in your local library or bookstore, if by chance you may actually like to READ IT), basically says "why bother reading when you can listen to this audio book while driving, or while working out at the gym."

Good grief. The Blogger apparently came across it on the News8Austin Weather page on December 14. For a little irony - the other main story those blogging about literacy issues were concerned about last week that came across during my query was concerning this New York Times Article:

Literacy Falls for Graduates From College, Testing Finds
Published: December 16, 2005

Blogger sample on the issue for those interested HERE.

On a final "literacy search" note, came across this Canadian site, which may be of interest to some of you. Postings from someone doing their MA in Education. Her blurb:

I enrolled in the Masters of Education (Literacy Education) programme offered through MSVU, beginning in September 2004. In this blog, I will be attempting to outline what I have learned, and am continuing to learn, with regards to new literacies and new technologies.

She doesn't appear to post regularly, but is quite thoughtful when she does - providing some interesting sources.




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