Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Family Literacy Day!

And there isn't much more to say on that one! Check out the title link for more info.

Aside from that, everyone in my (admittedly rather narrow) blogging world is going Snake Crazy. It appears to have started over at Big A little a, then Book Moot picked it up, then Chicken Spaghetti and Original Content. And now me. By gawd, the circle is complete. Apparently snakes are now very cool with kids. Good to know.

Also found this game courtesy of Original Content. It's called Bookworm and you get points for, well, spelling words. Might be good practice for Scrabble Night in Canada!

Further to my previous post where I mentioned the UK Telegraph Column about how to write a novel in a year, found another site of use on the issue HERE.

Finally, you can click HERE for yet another list of good children's books - courtesy of the National Education Association (and thanks to Travelling to Literacy)

Well, I'm off to start writing my bestseller on snakes!



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