Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sites of interest on the web

Hey everyone,

Found a few new sites of interest on the web. Located one called Traveling to Literacy which is done by a library association in the States. It's pretty new, so don't know if it'll last, but it talks about social impacts of literacy - global statistics - is quite good and has some good links down the side that I'll take a closer look at later. Funny though - Lyndsay and I were just talking yesterday about how there didn't appear to be many literacy blogs online - and then I found this one. Only problem - its a group blog that doesn't let outsiders leave comments (which I think sort of defeats the purpose of a blog - but that's just me).

On a Frontier College front - found another blogger who was exited about Lattes for Literacy - from Toronto, I believe.

On to blogs about children's books - I found Book Moot interesting, and particularly THIS post. Although it may be because I have recently seen Lemony Snickett.

Book Buds is another blog that does reviews of children's books. The author has a pre-school son, so she's taken to reviewing the books he likes. The site was nominated for Best of Blog 2005 for literary sites.

And courtesy of another blog I came across called Read Alert (about youth literature) I came across this rather entertaining article about a study done in the UK which found that child injuries go down every time a new Harry Potter book is released.

So you heard it hear first (or possibly not) Harry Potter saves lives! I should think that gives it some leverage in my J.K. Rowling vs C.S. Lewis discussions. Finally, another article HERE on that topic (also found courtesy of Read Alert). Columnist seems to feel that Narnia lost some of its appeal as he got older. So essentially, adults like Harry Potter better, while kids still go gaga for Narnia. Which, I suppose, should kind of be the point of children's literature. I mean, even the Narnia kids lost interest in Aslan as they got older...

And I think that's that for blogging for Sunday.



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