Friday, February 03, 2006

101 and soon to stop counting

All right,

It's gloomy outside; it's Friday at work; I took to some more browsing online. I give you my wonderful discoveries.

I discovered a UNESCO Blog HERE. Not too sure how I missed it on previous Internet Queries. Quite good information and links for those intersted in Literacy internationally - specifically projects in Developing Countries.

Also found two interesting business blogs commenting about Latte's for Literacy (see my previous post for info). I was happy to read that both bloggers had decided to donate to Frontier College as a result of the event (despite what they might think of Starbucks). For the record, I like Starbucks. And like that they like Literacy - and specifically helping Frontier College. At any rate. The two posts in question are HERE and HERE.

Moving along, I have visited THIS SITE a few times and given its name, haven't linked to it previously. But it has a lot of fun gossip about books. For instance, today I learnt more about the Oprah effect (see previous blog comments on Oprah), an entertaining book I may read which endeavours to answer the questions: Whence comes the tradition of heartrending children's classics in which a central character spends an entire book caring for and loving a very special animal, only to have it die in the end, usually granting life lessons, hard-won maturity, and heavy-duty pathos?, and that a group of people in the States are up in arms over "To Kill a Mockingbird".

Another Blog I was unfamiliar with called Atlantic Canada First had an interesting piece on the Government and Literacy. And finally, I discovered this blog called What's New in JK-12 which posts the "news and views of the Education Network of Ontario" which I will add to the side list. It's pretty new, but has a nice collection of news stories on issues related to literacy, teaching, etc...

And last, but not least, warm fuzzies about Literacy in the Ottawa Citizen yesterday:

Literacy grants total $100,000

During 2005, the Ottawa Citizen Literacy Fund handed out nearly $100,000 in grants to area literacy groups and programs. The funds came from the CanWest Raise-a- Reader drive, and interest from existing literacy organization funds. "The success of this literacy initiative is due in part to CanWest's ongoing national leadership in the Raise-a- Reader program and the generosity of the people in and around Ottawa," said Citizen publisher and fund board chairman Jim Orban. This year's grant recipients include the Broken English Theatre Company, Canadian National Institute for the Blind, the Ottawa Public Library and the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama. Since its founding in 1995, the literacy fund has distributed more than $400,000.



PS: On a personal note, I found out today that I've been accepted as a volunteer counsellor for Forum for Young Canadians. For those unfamiliar with the program, it brings students 14-19 from across the country to Ottawa to spend a week on Parliament Hill learning about how government works. So I get to spend a week in March with the program. I'll be sure to tell you all about it.


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