Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Edge of the Forest

Hey all,

So, first off - be sure to check out the above title here. It's a new Children's Literature Monthly online created by Kelly Herold of Big A little a. You can find out more about it HERE. But, in short, most of my favorite Children's Lit Blog writers are involved: Liz Burns from A Chair, a Fireplace and a Tea Cozy; Anne Boles Levy from Book Buds; Camille Powell from Bookmoot and Susan Thomsen from Chicken Spaghetti. Also on board is Michele Fry from Scholar's Blog which I haven't yet spent much time at but will go back to for a closer look.

They review books for different levels of readers each week and welcome submissions. Of particular interest to me was the Kid Picks section, because I thought it might be fun to talk with the kids at Reading Circle about their favorites and submit something.

I know at the Rideau Circle, the kids definitly have some favorites - my learner last week was an avid Eric Carle Fan for example. Indeed, last week we ended up reading (well, sounding out) in Japanese when we came across his 2003 book Where are you Going? To see my Friend! It is a collaboration with a Japanese childrens illustrator. And we've already chatted previously on the blog about the Kate McMullan books.

At any rate - something to chat about with the rest of the Organizatonal Team! I'd also like to thank Big A little a for putting us on her blog roll. It's very appreciated.

After browsing about on the Magazine - I also spent some time surfing around other blogs on various peoples blogrolls.

Came across a blog called Kids Lit. Had a good post on reading to boys linking to an article in the Miami Herald on the issue. You may remember previous posts we've done on the subject HERE and more generally HERE (when talking about Jon Scieszka) and HERE and HERE when talking at Kate McMullan.

I discovered Jen Robinson's Book Page courtesy of the First Kid Lit Carnival at Here in the Bonny Glen. As another blogger who seems big on literacy issues, I will be sure to stop by and visit again. Those interested can check out her mission statement, which is quite well thought out and impressive. Also the Escape Adulthood book caught my eye (because, really, that'd be pretty sweet).

Also courtesy of the carnival, I think (I made my list yesterday), is BookCarousel, another site chock full of reviews of childrens books.

As far as Reading Circle this morning, I had a game idea that worked out pretty well! Last week, after one-on-one reading, we had all the tutors and learners gather in a circle and we composed a story together. Each person got to create one or two sentences.

At the end we ended up with a story about a boy who lost his hat on the way to circle on a cold day. His tutor then made him a new hat out of books and name tags so he wouldn't get cold on the way home. Of course, he found his hat before having to go home wearing the silly looking hat - so his tutor, because she worked so hard on this, decided to wear it home. Only, she hadn't checked the books out of the library... (Mayhem ensued - I wouldn't want to ruin the ending for you :).

Anyway, I typed up the story and divided it into manageable sentences of different levels of difficulty for different kids. Then today, I distributed the sentenses and the kids read their sentence, wrote their sentence on a piece of paper and then illustrated it. A few did more than one. At the end of this we will have a full picture book done by the Circle. At any rate - quite a successful idea. So we will continue with the writing and illustrating over the next couple of weeks until we have a finished product.

And that is pretty much that for my Saturday postings.



At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Jen Robinson said...

Hi Louise,

Thanks so much for visiting my site, and especially for mentioning it in your excellent post. I feel as you do, that I "can't believe that there are children out there who, for whatever reason, aren't given the same opportunities to grow up with a similar love of books" and I think that the work that you do is really great. I look forward to spending more time checking out your blog, and the links there. (I'm traveling this weekend, and don't have much time now ... I've become so attached to this blogging thing, and I'm so passionate about children's books and literacy, that not having time to work on it is a real hardship for me). But anyway, thanks again, and have a great day! Let's keep in touch. -- Jen

At 9:47 PM, Blogger Kelly said...

Hi Louise (and others):

You are welcome to submit a KidPicks. Name the month and age group and you're on!


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