Sunday, February 05, 2006

Frontier College update and odds and ends

Hey there,

So, sent my email out to my friends to ask if any of them were interested in coming to a home Scrabble Party for Scrabble Night in Canada - to raise a bit of money for Frontier College - should I host one. Heard back from one already, so I can at least do a small party. Once I hear back one way or the other from a few more, then I'll register my party and take it from there. All very exciting.

As for the Reading Circle on Saturday AM - we had an interesting turn of events on Saturday morning. The Circle takes place in the basement of the Rideau Library, and it appears the room we use is currently not safe. The building is quite old and currently under construction in various parts. At any rate, we held the circle on the main floor of the library in the children's section on Saturday - which was a bit loud with nine kids, but worked out alright. We will hear by early next week what the plan will be for the near future. One option, is to try and get space in the Retirement Home next door - which I think would be great. Please stay tuned....

We had our OT (Organizatonal Team) meeting on Friday evening afterwork and all seems to be going well in our other programming as well. The Centretown Pre-school reading circle has made a successful move to Friday morning from Monday morning. They are running the program in tandem with a drop-in program for pre-schoolers and their parents which works well because people are coming to the centre anyway. The Reception House Club continues to go well on Friday mornings, as does the after-school program at Sawmill on Tuesday afternoons. Apparently one of the children at the school actually begged the teacher in charge to let her into the program - which bodes well for the work we're doing :)

Aside from programs - we are considering investing in some Students for Literacy items - specifically pens and tote bags for our volunteers and for selling at events to get our name out there a bit more.

On the non-Frontier College front - thought this cartoon was cute:

Found courtesy of Book Moot. Apparently the comic has been looking at celebrity children's books all week.

Also, had the opportunity to catch an entertaining show on CTV last night called "The Next Great Canadian Prime Minister." (Mentioned I was a political junkie - right?) Anyway - its based on a contest that has been around since 1995 - although this is the first year the finals have been televised. Students enter the contest and explain what would make them the "next great PM" and the winner wins $50,000. The show ran for 1.5 hours; the finalists were asked questions about their platforms by the judges - who were four former PMs: Joe Clark, Brian Mulroney, John Turner and Kim Campbell - and then the judges picked the winner. Enjoyed it. A few more links for those interested here and here.

Finally, one new blog of interest HERE which will also be added to the list down the side. And the other blog by the same name has since changed its name, upon discovering this one, so that too will be updated (and thanks to the now named Sarah's Bookarama for the discovery).




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