Saturday, February 18, 2006

My home Scrabble Party

So, I hosted my home Scrabble party last night. It was fun! I made some hors d'oeuvres (not sure if that counts as a Scrabble word - and technically, I more "defrosted" than "made", but why quibble), we had some wine and Paula and Arnaud brought a veggie and dip plate. There was eight of us in total, so we played in two groups of four. Plan was then to have a "showdown" then with the top two from each team - but we never got that far :)

The hands down winner of the night was Kim who scored somewhere in the high 200s - I scored 108, so I thought that was pretty impressive. The coolest word at our table was SQUID. Krista played quid and then crafty Chris stuck the "S" in front for a rather high score. I then stuck an S at the end, while also spelling THIS. That was my best move - not that impressive, I know. But I only learnt how to play Scrabble in August! And I amost had a few other good ones, but as usual, kept being one letter short.

So we raised some money AND had some fun.

For those looking forward to the Speed Scrabble - stay tuned for the new date.

In non-Scrabble news - found one more interesting site called Literary Basics. Brief Description as follows:

Literacy Basics is a free, self-directed online training website for Ontario literacy practitioners. This innovative training website was researched, written and designed by Community Literacy of Ontario.

Of course, to be added to the list down the side of the site.

And, due to the really cold weather we only had six kids at Reading Circle this morning. But on the upside - we had a one-to-one tutor to learner ratio for the first time in a while, which meant that those there got some really good one on one attention. At the end we composed a story as a group and then played Charades - which was a really big hit.



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