Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Scrabble Motivation etc..

Hey everyone,

So, bits and pieces to report this morning as usual.

Did a Scrabble Google search in honour of this being Scrabble Night in Canada month. I have also done some previous posts on the issue (a good example being THIS one). Found out that Concordia and the University of Montreal held a Human Scrabble game to launch their month. Info HERE.

For those looking for tips and pointers on how to play HERE is a blogger who was looking for suggestions for hosting a Scrabble workshop. Then I just thought THIS was a cool picture.

Then for kicks I googled Frontier College on Blogger and found a few people posting about their experiences with Frontier College. I'm always interested to hear what other programs are doing and if you are too - here is some of what I found:

1. Triona Trog's Blog - She volunteers for Frontier College out in Alberta. Apparently they do summer camps out there!

2. Northern Exposures - the author is from Wunnumin Lake, Ontario and, I believe, is a teacher. At any rate - she talks about a visit they had from the Ontario Lieutenant Governor James Bartleman to their school in Northern Ontario and how they will now be having a Frontier College summer camp as a result. As mentioned a few times, we heard Mr. Bartleman speak in Toronto on his literacy initiatives - so it was cool to read a first hand account of one of his trips in that vein.

3. Found a University of Western Ontario piece on Frontier College HERE from December 2005.

And, while I know this is old, I also found the Frontier College Historica Minute HERE. You can watch a short clip about Frontier College`s history.

Moving away from Frontier College, A Chair, a Fireplace and a Tea Cosy recently linked to a site called Here in the Bonny Glen which will be hosting something called a "Carnival of Children's Literature." Blog Carnivals are apparently a blog "thing". Blogs with similar interests get together and post samples from their blog in a central location and then people interested in the topic can browse. Bonny Glen suggests visiting THIS BLOG for more information on blog carnivals generally.

Original Content also had an interesting post yesterday on getting published as a writer and the need for branding and a marketing strategy. She linked to an article called "The Case of the Mystery Brand" which is about James Patterson (the brand, not the author - ie the production system behind the name).

Finally, the new Canadian Federal Government was sworn in yesterday. Diane Finlay is the new Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, which is the portfolio that should be in charge of literacy issues. It is a recombining of two portfolio's from under the Martin Government - those being Human Resources and Skills Development and Social Development. On a side point of interest, a second Harper Cabinet Minister - Michael Fortier, the new Minister of Public Works - was also previously on the board of something called the Action ABC Literacy Training Group. Article here:

DATE: 2006.02.06
CATEGORY: National general news

Michael Fortier, an unelected Conservative party organizer from Quebec, was named federal minister of public works Monday. A look:

Political history: Long-time Conservative party organizer; ran for Progressive Conservative leadership in 1998; co-chair of Stephen Harper 's campaign to lead Conservative party in 2003; co-chair of Conservative national campaign for 2006 election.

Political views: Ran for Progressive Conservative leadership on platform of reconciliation with Reform party; known for supporting elected Senate; tax cuts; free votes in Commons.

Education: Graduated from Laval University law school.

Career: Partner in Montreal law firm Ogilvy Renault; managing director of Credit Suisse First Boston investment bank; sat on boards of Action ABC literacy training group and L'arret-source home for young women in need of assistance.

A final article of interest today from the Ottawa Sun reports that City Counsellor Alex Cullen will be participating in a fundraiser - and some of the money will go to support Adult Literacy Programs. Yay!

DATE: 2006.02.07
PAGE: 17


Anyone who knows Bay Ward Coun. Alex Cullen would doubt he could ever be silenced but a few of Cullen's constituents have found a way.

As an entertaining fundraiser for community groups in his ward, Cullen will participate in a murder mystery dinner theatre, Who Silenced Alex Cullen? put on by the Lakeside Players on April 7.


Proceeds from the $40 tickets will go to four community houses -- Foster Farm, Michele Heights, Britannia Woods and Winthrop Court. The money will go towards programs to help adult literacy, new Canadians, single parent families and food banks, among others.

Although the event is his idea, Cullen's getting a little anxious.

"I understand there is a great deal of interest which makes me even more nervous," said Cullen.

The evening's plot will centre around the councillor and his untimely exit from municipal politics. He's not sure how his death will come about in front of about 300 people at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre. It's a well-kept secret that not even the theatre company is revealing to him.

"I don't know the gory details yet. They don't want to give away the plot," said Cullen. "I do have a reputation as being a bit vocal."



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