Friday, March 31, 2006

Catching up


As you can see from this afternoon, I am having a bit of a catch-up day for blogging. I have been on training for work for the last two days (really three - because Tuesday was the day of infinite meetings)and not able to blog.

But before I summarize all that I found of interest and note recently in the blog world of kiddie lit, I have to share some excitement. While I realize this might not be shared by everyone, I thought it was very cool.

The keynote speaker for my work retreat was one of my new-found favorite authors Steve Paikin. As some of you know, I am a bit of a political junkie. Mr. Paikin is a journalist and host of TV Ontario's Studio 2 - a current affairs program. He also was the moderator for the second English Language debate for the Federal Election. Like many others, I think he won the debate. Balanced, interesting and tough questions. Then thirdly, he is the author of three books:

1. The Life: The Seductive Call of Politics
2. The Dark Side: The Personal price of a Political Life
3. Public Triumph, Private Tragedy : The Double Life of John P Robarts

I have read the second one and really enjoyed it. Unlike many political books, it was a smooth read, not overly academic and written in a way that made you believe the author actually liked the people he was writing about - which sometimes doesn't happen in political books where some authors spend more time analysing/criticizing various actions. The book profiles the careers of many politicians and essentially, the large personal prices many of the pay to enter public life. What impressed me most was that it managed to do this without scaring people away from the prospect of public life. A fun read.

So I bought the life, and got it autographed. And am looking forward to reading the happier of the two stories.

But getting back to literacy, quite a bit happened during my three days of professional learning.

Read Alert posts about a fun sounding band called Harry and the Potters (also info courtesy of Book"/&*) and answers a life-long question I had: Where do rejected greeting cards go to die?

Fuse 8 has lots of news as usual (indeed, quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs) like some other blogs, she picks up on Beverly Cleary of Ramona fame turning 90!. I was a huge Ramona fan when I was in elementary school. Also, courtesy of Fuse 8 I learnt about Ms Cleary's Drop Everything and Read Campaign on April 12! Very cool concept.

Fuse 8 also reports that there will be a Charlotte's Web movie!

Courtesy of Jen Robinson's Book page I discovered a new Canadian Children's Book Award. Way to keep up on the news to the north!

And yet another good review over at Book Carousel. My Monster Mama Loves Me So by Laura Leuck.

We have a regular book at Reading Circle called Monster Manners by Joanna Cole. It's always a favorite.

Well, it's 19 degrees (that's celsius, so beautiful) so I'm off to enjoy the outdoors!



At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Susan said...

Louise, I'll have to keep an eye out for "Monster Manners." Thanks!


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