Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Coney Island Adventure!

Also known as the 2nd Carnival of Children's Literature!

Please check it out. Students for Literacy in Ottawa is featured! We sent this post as our submission. A big thank you to Chicken Spaghetti for organizing the Carnival. Also of note, was the announcement that SemiColon will be hosting the next Carnival in April.

I will be certain to examine all the other posts (as well as the SemiColon blog) in more detail tomorrow. I am just back from a wonderful, though exhausting week at Forum for Young Canadians where I was a counsellor. I have spent the past hour and a half catching up on email and am now off to a friends housewarming (where I will try my best to stay awake). Will talk about Forum in a bit more detail later - but what an incredible program. If you are Canadian and 15-19 - or know anyone who is, tell them about this program. I met a great group of students from all across the country - learnt a lot about them and where they were from - and we all learnt a lot about politics and government in Canada.

Also, courtesy of the j-skool grad list I'm on - volunteer opportunity below of possible interest:

Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Volunteer Media Coordinator

Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation needs a higher profile among the citizens and firefighters of Canada about the Foundation and its activities, especially special programs carried out over the year. This includes Firefighter Life Safety Initiative (FFLSI), Annual Firefighter Memorial Ceremony, fund-raising for the Memorial Monument, relationship with the National Capital Commission, providing assistance to surviving family members of fallen firefighters and others.

Main Duties
* Contact newspapers, television, radio, magazines and other news media to arrange for coverage in the form of interviews and other forms of reportage.
*Write and distribute press releases about Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation on an ongoing basis.
*Brief board members and executive members of Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation on dealing with the Press.
*Brief those promoting Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation on how to make what they are doing newsworthy.
*Brief family members of fallen firefighters on how to deal with interviews by the press, should they choose to be interviewed.
*Create and implement the means to make Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation and its activities as widely known as possible.
*Coordinate and direct press activities at the annual Fallen Firefighters Memorial Ceremony.
*Prepare press kits for the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Ceremony.
*And other functions.

Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation is a nationally registered charity organization dedicated to honouring Canadian firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty, and to assist their surviving family members to rebuild their lives.

Those truly interested in volunteering their time, skills and abilities to this effort, should take the time to read carefully the CFFF web site. Though not a prerequisite, fluency in both official languages is a major asset.

Please, email a brief summary of your qualifications to Bill Williams at this address: or contact Dr. Will Brooks, President, at 613-282-0161 for any further details or questions.

Also, Canadian Political Science Blog sent to me through my Political Science List. Not too interesting at the moment, but may have potential for those looking for where they may wish to study Political Science in Canada.

More detailed post coming tomorrow!



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