Friday, March 24, 2006

Drama Brings Reading and Writing Alive

For the past two weeks, we've had quite a few kids in our Tuesday homework club who have shown up with all their homework finished, but are eager to be there, nonetheless. Two weeks ago, we decided to try something new: we asked the learners (all in grade 4) to write a play and perform it at the end of the session.

While the day was a bit chaotic and the script a bit confusing, it was amazing to see these 5 children come alive while impersonating some very creative characters. Because this was such an exciting moment for the learners, we added some drama into last week's activities as well. This will definitely be something to consider incorporating when planning next year's activities!

If you're in the Ottawa area and looking for some creative, on-the-fly playwriting inspiration this weekend, I'd encourage you to check out the Ottawa Theatre Challenge at the NAC's Fourth Stage. Tickets are only $10 and you'll be witnessing fierce competition as three teams (including a personal favourite of mine--the Company of Fools) compete for the coveted rubber chicken prize.

I'm now officially on the lookout for ways to incorporate drama into our Reading Circle and Homework Club sessions!



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