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Focus on Literacy

I was almost going to forgo posting today for lack of anything much to say (gasp! shock! I know). Then I found the article below in the Charlottetown Guardian. After reading it (take a moment if you wish then come back...), I looked up David Booth and then through him came across the Canadian Education Association. You can learn more about them HERE (they've existed since 1891!), but what caught my eye was they have "Focus" sections on their website, one of which being Focus on Literacy. This section then has sections on Framing the Debate (ie what is literacy), policy, research (early literacy, adult literacy, literacy and gender, literacy and health, etc...), practice and resources (ie: a searchable database of resources). They also have a Focus on Educating Citizens section, which I also found interesting (feel we should encourage more civic engagement, teach more history and civics in school etc..., but that's a post for another day). However, the Focus on Literacy Link will be added to the resource section down the site of the site.

Two other brief pieces of news: Travelling to Literacy had a good post on Tips and Techniques for Beginning Readers and also out Atlantic way, an elementary school principal publicly kissed a pig. It was a bet regarding how much money the school's childre could raise in their Read-a-thon. (Very short) story below (made me smile).



PUBLICATION: The Guardian (Charlottetown)
DATE: 2006.03.01

Parental involvement critical

How are our boys doing in school?

David Booth, educator/author from the Ontario Institute for Research in Education, will be speaking at the P.E.I. Home and School Federation's annual convention, set for April 8, on the topic of boys and literacy.

Booth has authored teacher reference books and textbooks in all areas of language development: early literacy; reading; writing; speaking and listening; drama and media.

One of his recent publications titled, Even Hockey Players Read, refers to the literacy needs of boys.

Booth is a popular international speaker, having addressed educators and parents in every province of Canada, throughout most of the U.S. and in England, Germany, Asia, the Middle East, New Zealand and Australia.

A panel discussion entitled It's Your Turn will provide delegates with an opportunity to ask four panelists questions on any topic pertaining to P.E.I.'s education system. Panelists will include Education Minister Mildred Dover, Dale Sabean, Western School Board superintendent, Phillip Matusiewicz, Eastern School District trustee, and Michael Oulton, principal, Vernon River consolidated school.

Parental involvement is about student success. My involvement as a parent at the school level really does have an impact on my child's education. Education begins at home and continues for the rest of our lives. Research indicates that children are more successful in school when parents are involved in their child's education.

On average, children spend more than 120 waking hours a week at home and fewer than 40 hours in school. Parents are responsible for a large portion of their child's education, especially in the early years. The recent task force report recommendation on parental engagement is being taken taken seriously by the Home and School Federation. Martha Ellis, provincial president, and Shirley Jay, executive director, are visiting schools across P.E.I., gathering information on how we can get parents more involved in the education system.

The P.E.I. Home and School Federation is making a presentation to the government's Social Action Committee, March 9, on the topic of cyberbullying. Parents must be aware of the different ways that children can be bullied or are bullying while online. It's the parents' job to supervise the use of computers in their homes.

The location of the computer should be in a high-traffic area, such as the kitchen or living room, not in a child's bedroom. Parents can also install programs that will allow them to block unwanted sites. Home and school is organizing the Island Products school fundraising project again this year.

Home and School associations that were involved last year were pleased with the products and urged us to run the campaign again, earlier in the school year. We're gathering new products and will have these on display at the annual meeting for delegates to view. This project provides a great opportunity for us to support schools and support the Island craft community.

Parents, the annual meeting on Saturday, April 8, at the Charlottetown Hotel, Kent Street, Charlottetown, will provide information on current education issues. Come and support your child. Call 620-3186 or 1-800-916-0664 to register.

PUBLICATION: The Daily Gleaner (Fredericton)
DATE: 2006.03.01

Pucker up, piggie;

Percy McCallum, principal at Lucille St. Pierre, lays a big kiss on an unsuspecting pig in front of the entire school on Tuesday in Windsor, Ont.. St. Pierre promised to kiss a pig if the students raised more than $4,000 in their read-a-thon. The students raised $6,500, which will be used to purchase playground equipment, musical instruments and literacy material for the school.


At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Jen Robinson said...

Hi Louise,

If you want an endless source of links to articles about literacy news, try setting up a Google Alert for "children literacy". That's what I do, and it's really heartening that every day there are at least a half dozen articles that contain the words children and literacy. Some aren't relevant, of course, but I usually find something interesting. Now my problem is that because of a recent trip, I have about a week's worth of the alert emails stacked up. Oh well! I love your site!


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