Wednesday, March 15, 2006

General Frontier College Updates

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I have a few posts to do this morning as I wanted to make certain bits of info easy to find.

A couple pieces of interest courtesy of the Frontier College National Newsletter:

Across Canada we have programs spanning every province and at most major universities. Highlights of our collective accomplishments in 2005 include:

- 6,422 learners across Canada worked with a Frontier College volunteer
- Over 2,100 Canadians were involved as Frontier College volunteers
- Over 4,000 people were trained as tutors or community organizers
- Across Canada we worked with 265 community partners ranging from women’s shelters to community centres
- Over 15,000 people attended a literacy awareness event or a speech about Frontier College and our work
- 20,000 books were distributed across Canada to families and children

For some great stories from across the country (Cornerbrook, Quebec City and Montreal) click here.


Be a Labourer-Teacher

Labourer-Teachers (LTs) have the toughest and most rewarding job at Frontier College, and you could be one of them! This year LTs will work on farms, alongside international migrant workers, providing physical labour but most importantly, literacy and language tutoring and friendship to these important but often overlooked workers and their families.

Frontier College is looking for people with an excellent work ethic, the ability to work 12-16 hours daily, in the field and in the classroom, who can handle a cultural immersion experience with all its challenges. Tutoring experience, physical ability and Spanish skills all come in handy. Positions are spread throughout Southern Ontario, and housing and travel expenses are provided. You will be paid by the employer (farmer) for the hours that you work on the farm. The hours you spend teaching are volunteer hours.

The program begins with an intensive training in early May, and finishes at the end of August. (Some LTs may be choosen to stay on for the fall) Generally, you need to be available for training and the full summer, though sometimes shorter spring placements are possible.

The application deadline is March 24th. Interviews will be held between March and April 2006.

Click here for more information.

Also, courtesy of some quick googling, you can click here for a bloggers endorcement of the program (she did it last year!)

Work in Northern Ontario this Summer!

Last summer, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, James K. Bartleman started a pilot project to create 5 literacy camps for aboriginal children in isolated Northern Ontario communities. Frontier College was involved as one of the partner organizations and this year has been asked to take a lead role in the project. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in education or First Nations issues.

Frontier College is looking for about 65 highly motivated university/ college students to work as camp counselors in the Lieutenant-Governor’s Aboriginal Literacy Summer Camp program in July-August 2006. These camps will be three weeks in length and will be organized in up to 30 fly-in communities in Northern Ontario .This is a challenging and unique opportunity to work with young aboriginal children to help them improve their English language skills in a fun-filled camp environment. Training, transportation and accommodation will be provided. Pay will be about $10.00 per hour for 35 hours per week. Contracts will run from late June until the end of August.

If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to:

The deadline for applications is April 15th.

We have posted previously on this issue in the blog. See previous information here.





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