Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Literacy Awards, Hobbits and Aliens

Because really, what more do you look for in a quick blog post?

Canada Post Announces the 2006 Literacy Awards

In other news, some points on literacy from Finland, which has quite impressive literacy rates and from Scotland.

Courtesy of What`s New in JK-12, an interesting article on how Blogs are changing education - the idea (among others) that kids like writing for an actual audience instead of simply the teacher.

And in case any of you were feeling like over-achievers this morning, this story, was picked up by a few of the literature/children`s book blogs.

Book Buds is on a bit of a role this week in my opinion - another good review here on the book Aliens are Coming! by Meghan McCarthy. Looks like fun!

Finally, further to my post yesterday about how there is a Lord of the Rings Musical, Canadian columnist Paul Well`s links to this article in the Chicago Tribune about Toronto's showings of the musical.


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