Monday, March 13, 2006

Miss a week, miss a lot

Oh boy,

So, lots has been happening out there in the blogosphere while I've been away at Forum for Young Canadians. In no particular order, some of the highlights that caught my eye:

1. Chicken Spaghetti points out some good weekend reading (just ignore the fact that its now Monday, okay?) Of particular interest to me was the link to an article in Slate Magazine about why boys like girl books.

As I posted to Susan's comments section, I am always interested in views/ideas re: reading and boys. While I do sometimes tend to look for good "boy books" I agree with the comment in the article that to a large extent this sometimes doesn't matter. I remember being surprised a few weeks ago when reading to a group of three boys. I had them go choose which books they wanted to read and one of them chose one of the books from the Madeleine series (ie: 12 little girls in 12 straight lines etc...). I had loved them as a child, but was surprised to find out that a boy would like them too. And not only the one who chose the book - all three.

It reminded me not to put the kids into categories or push on them what I thought they wanted to read.

Also of amusement is her link to information on Chicken Books. I agree that there can never be enough Chicken Books :)

2. Big A little a also had a good post on weekend reviews. Of particular interest was a link to a New York Times aticle entitled "What's a girl to read?". Big A little a also weighed in on the Slate Article mentioned above.

3. A Chair, a fireplace and a tea cosy had a good post March 7 regarding the issue of banning books/censorship etc... The discussion Tea Cosy is referring to began over at Here in the Bonny Glen and is in regards to a California school board's decision to delete 23 children's books from a to-purchase list drawn up by parents and teachers. Harry Potter is among the casualties. SFLO (that's us) has also done a series of postings on issues of censorship in relation to Freedom to Read Week. Also courtesy of this blog is the list of the top 25 challenged books of 2005 courtesy of the American Library Association

4. In lighter fare, Read Alert informs us that both Jessica Simpson and Kylie Minogue are joining the ever growing club of stars considering writing childrens books. You may remember previous posts on this blog discussing the publishing ambitions of others... (50 cent, Posh Spice and Madonna).

In relation to a previous post on this blog, Read Alert updates us, informing us that Margaret Atwood had some "technical difficulties" with her new pen.

Finally, she also posts that Harry Potter Books apparently really are signed by the Prince of Darkness himself and provides a link to an article on books kids love but parents hate.

5. Also courtesy of this blog, entertaining news pieces on Nuns vs Librarians (in a spelling bee).

6. From a newer blog I am now following called Kids Lit, a good review on a book called Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod, which I may track down at the library.

7. Another new blog I'm checking out called Book Carousel had a review on a book called Secret Seahorse by Stella Blackstone here. I just like any books about undersea adventures. I think it ties back to my love of the Little Mermaid. I even got my picture taken with Spongebob Squarepants at a baseball game two summers ago (but I digress).

8. The UNESCO blog has a piece on a media kit available re: the Education for All (EFA) international initiative to achieve education for all by 2015.

Believe that's it for me for today. Whew! Good to know there are so many good resources out there on children's books that it took a post of this length to comment on a weeks worth of noteworthy material out there.




At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Jen Robinson said...

Hi Louise,

Welcome back! I've been discovering, too, how hard it is to catch back up on the blog world after an absence. I'm a bit nervous, because I have a bunch of trips coming up. But I thought that you did a wonderful job of recapping the highlights in this post. I added the Secret Seahorse book to my list, too. And (per your comment on my site), I definitely think that Never Eat Alone is worth your time. It's a tiny bit off-putting at the very beginning, but give it a chance. Have a great week!


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