Thursday, March 23, 2006

The New Edge of the Forest is out!


I know I am a bit late on this one... but be sure to check out the new Edge of the Forest. We've previously posted on this publication HERE. Briefly - It's a new Children's Literature Monthly online created by Kelly Herold of Big A little a. Most of my favorite Children's Lit Blog writers are involved: Liz Burns from A Chair, a Fireplace and a Tea Cozy; Anne Boles Levy from Book Buds; Camille Powell from Bookmoot and Susan Thomsen from Chicken Spaghetti and Michele Fry from Scholar's Blog.

This month they have added a new section called In the Backpack - which I quite liked.

And on the tooting my own horn front - please check out their Best of Blogs for the month. Let me say it is an honour to be listed in such good company. I'll be sure to check out the few others on the list I was previously unaware of. Thanks again for listing us! Now we'll really have to produce something worthwhile over here :)



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