Thursday, March 16, 2006

This and That

So bit of a mix of info to post for you today.

1. Another blog of interest that reveiws children's books here. It is called the Young Adult (and kids)Book Central Blog. With five different contributors listed it offers variety - reviews, author interviews and contests.

2. Also came across Kids Write. She appears to post more about youth writing opportunities, which is less of the focus over here - but pointed me in the direction of some publications I was unfamiliar with (sorry, with which I was unfamiliar). As some of our volunteers are likely also aspiring writers - here they are:

a) - a Canadian webzine written entirely by youth! is always on the lookout for submissions for our webzine. We welcome articles, poetry, artwork, fiction, editorials, photography, comic strips, music, video clips and anything else you can come up with!

Courtesy of their About this site section: At, we strive to become the best resource on the Internet for Canadian youth. As a by youth for youth initiative, we are uniquely qualified to act as a voice for young Canadians. We provide youth with information on issues that are important to them. We are a forum for expression, we encourage leadership and we incite youth to take a stand and get involved in their schools and communities. provides the tools needed to make healthy life choices and to overcome obstacles in personal, family and community life.

Surfing around the site seemed to clarify that "youth" can be anyone up to 29. I was flattered to know I still squeak by :)

b) What If? magazine. Styles itself Canada's fiction magazine for teens. Submissions are taken from those 19 and under. So that would be a "stricter" interpretation of youth :) What If? is a literary fiction magazine for ages 12 and up. While it is aimed mainly at the teen market the stories are top-quality in order to interest young adults and adults as well. Our goal is to inspire, enlighten and entertain all readers.

Their links page is also worth a gander for those looking for writing resources.

3. Again couresy of kids-write, I came across another award program of intrest from a volunteering perspective: Canada's Top 20 under 20. I'm feeling inspired and rather like an under-achiever :) Funded by ING and a group called Youth in Motion.

4. Also on the awards from the City of Ottawa has civic appeciation awards. Info here.

5. Back to blogs, the Hip Librarian Book Blog had a review of "It's Happy Bunny: Love Bites" which looks amusing and back on the kidslit front, Book Carousel reviews Food for Thought by Saxton Freyman. I had to include the picture because I think the bigger orange looks a little, well, devious (maybe olives aren't the only evil o's...).

6. Finally, you may recall a post I did back in January about trying to get to the Trent Students for Literacy Conference. If, like me, you were curious about what happened there - Ken was nice enough to post some photos!

Wishing everyone a happy Thursday!



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