Sunday, March 12, 2006

Two Campus Announcements

Courtesy once again of my Carleton inbox:

Henry Marshall Tory Award and CUSA Honour Awards

Students are encouraged to consider nominating graduating students for the Henry Marshall Tory Award or the Carleton University Students' Association Honour Awards for Service.

The Henry Marshall Tory Award recognizes a graduating student who has combined high academic achievement with a significant contribution to Carleton through extra curricular involvement including participation with University committees and associations, students' associations, volunteer work, athletics and/or student clubs and societies.

The CUSA Honour awards for service recognize those graduating students who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the activities of the Carleton University Students' Association throughout their years at Carleton.

For full details regarding the application/nominations process for these awards is available at:

Thank you,

Ann Tierney
Associate Vice-President (Student and Academic Support Services)


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - 2nd Generation Immigrant Youth

We are looking for individuals to participate in a research project on the role and importance of religion in the lives of second generation immigrant youth in Canada. Participants have to be between 18 and 27 years old. They should be of Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu background, but they don't actually have to be practising those religions right now. As well, participants have to have been born in Canada or have arrived in Canada when they were 10 years old or less. They also have to have at least one parent who is an immigrant to Canada. The research takes an explicitly sociological approach and in no way favours one religious perspective over another, neither one of the ones just mentioned nor any other.

For more information, please contact Professor Peter Beyer of the Department of Classics & Religious Studies at the University of Ottawa, 562-5800 ext. 1178 or e-mail




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