Saturday, March 25, 2006

What a Blog's Worth


I had another geeky discovery on the Internet yesterday. I was at work killing time (I'd finished work, but had the Organizational Meeting at 6:00, so no point going home) and came across Blogshares. You may notice the new link at the bottom of the right-hand column of the blog. According to Blogshares our blog is worth $2,633.73! Unfortunely this is in imaginary money - but I got warm fuzzies all the same. Also, our value appears to have increased since December, when I'm guessing I may have accidentally first registered the blog :) Some of my other Blog Favorites are also listed and I came across a fun Frontier College link I was previously unaware of: Laurier Students for Literacy! Always nice to see other clubs online. I'll be sure to add them to the FC Across Canada section.

Also, the 3rd Carnival of Children's Literature is being held over at Semi-Colon as previously announced on this blog HERE. They now have more info over on their site.

Had a good morning at Reading Circle this am. Had eight children which was quite a good turnout and six volunteers. Had the kids review the books they read this time with their tutors - which may be a good exercise for future reference as it gets them talking more than usual about why they like their books, or why they didn't. We also formally extended the program until April 22 when we will have a party (on of the parents already asked). Judging from the allergy lists, which I will have to check more closely before going any further on the party front, I'm thinking peanut brittle is out for snack purposes. :)

Finally, I tried to post this picture previously when I originally posted on the subject HERE because I just thought it was so ridiculous, but for some reason the picture poster was acting up. Anyhoo - here it is!

Guess I'm just not cut out for the world of high fashion.

Off to be productive!



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