Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bigs Bunny - Run Away Scared Kids!

Eeek - also courtesy of Here in the Bonny Glen. A little late, what with Easter being over, but still. Eek.

In other news, Fuse 8 has a good list of sure-fire storytime hits. I like the strong representation from Mo Willems. I love Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Kids Lit has a link to a new site by Steve Barancik which provides insite into choosing children's books.

Book /$?" has some commentary on the upcoming movie version of Fast Food Nation - and McDonald's offensive strike plans on the issue.

Gail Gauthier over at Original Content will be having a give-away contest on May 18 in honour of the launch of her new book Happy Kid! More details on her website HERE.

Bookshelves of Doom is also all over mocking The Giving Tree. As is Gotta Book - which I originally missed. Poor tree :(

And, courtesy of Jen Robinson's Book page, I came across another new blog called Blog from a Windowsill. Has a fun post HERE on what children's book you would like to live in if you could. I went for Narnia and The Girl who Owned a City. Explained my choices in her comments section.

Finally, I keep meaning to post a news story about the whole child care debate. I know it isn't completely related to tutoring children and literacy programs - but it is related. Anyway - there is the beginning of an interesting debate on the issue over on Jason Cherniak's blog HERE (small disclaimer: Cherniak's blog is a Liberal blog and Students for Literacy Ottawa does not endorce any one party. We are linking to it for the debate and would be happy to link to blogs representing the views of other parties as well, should we find postings of interest there).



At 2:26 PM, Anonymous Jen Robinson said...

Hi Louise,

"The Girl who owned a City" sounds like a fun book. I love books with themes like that (getting rid of the grown ups). You might enjoy the FireUs Trilogy (recent), which is along the same lines. All of the adults have been wiped out by a plague.

And like you, I love Matilda. I would have wanted to be her, if she didn't have such wretched parents. I love the scene in the movie where she's this tiny kid dragging her wagon of books to and from the library. How can you not love that?


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