Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Congrats to Gotta Book!

His Blogging of Fibs got picked up by the New York Times. And, well, if you can make it there... Couple blogs picked up on this fact over the weekend - thanks to Chicken Spaghetti and Jen Robinson's Book Page for drawing it to my attention!

Jen also had a list of a few other items of interest here. My favorite from the list, yet again, has nothing to do with children's lit. She has managed to track down another blog that posts about silly signs. Random Notions and Stories of Teaching has quite a good selection. My personal favorite:

Because, wow, if I smoked - that would be a serious problem. Also enjoyed her posting on telemarketers. My general approach, if I am unfortunate enough to get caught on line generally goes like this:

Hello is Mrs. Hayes there?
I'm sorry there is no one there by that name. Good-bye.

Or alternatively...

I'll tell you what, you guess my first name correctly and I'll sit through your pitch.

Here's hoping the GoC enacts that bill from last Parliament on the do not call registry!

But I digress...

The Magic of Books has a good post on Beverly Cleary in honour of her 90th b-day. We've posted previously on that HERE as well as a post here on the books of Laura Numeroff. Many kids at the Reading Circle are fans of If You Give a Pig a Pancake. And really, who wouldn't be?

Over on Book Moot there is a good post on books about the Titanic - posted last Friday in memory of the anniversary of the sinking. I got quite interested in the Titanic in high school - watched the old A Night to Remember movie, read the book and have a collection of various documentaries on it on VHS from back then.

Another list of book awardees HERE for those interested - courtesy of KidsLit.

Finally, Fuse 8 has two posts of interest. One on celebrities who HAVEN'T written children's books. (Read the comments - the list is even shorter than you think!). We've posted on this previously when both Fiddy Cent and Jessica Simpson - oh AND Post Spice AND Kylie Minogue all announced they would be publishing children's books.

The other is on JK Rowling's rant on her blog about our thin-girl obsessed culture. This was picked up last week when we mentioned that JK Rowling was a Pink Fan. It's a worthwhile read for those who have a moment - I especially enjoy her tale of an aquaintance who runs in to her after a few years and is far more interested in the fact that she has lost weight than in the fact that she has released another best-seller or had a child. It is, after all, important to focus on what matters in life!

Ooh - and one more thing. Courtesy of Daveberta - if anyone is looking for a fun trip try this. And remember - safety not guaranteed (sorry - in a bit of a silly mood).



At 4:53 PM, Blogger Gregory K. said...

Thanks for the Fiblink (Fib link? Linkfib?). I'd note that you were Fib aware long before most, and it's appreciated!

At 8:33 PM, Anonymous Jen Robinson said...

Thanks for the link, Louise. I thought that sign was hilarious, too! If I was going to smoke, I would not want my cigarettes to be soggy either.


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