Monday, April 10, 2006

Couple Quick Announcements

Reminder that this Wednesday evening is Volunteer Appreciation Night at the Urban Well. Don't miss it!

Also, conference of interest at UofO at the end of the month. Info HERE and info on the organization HERE.

And on three totally separate non-literacy related issues, I went to see HMS Pinafore on Friday night with my mother. Put on by the Savoy Society here in Ottawa it was so much fun! I also saw them put on the Mikado two years ago. Next year they are doing Iolanthe. Will have to see that one as well! For those unfamiliar with Gilbert and Sullivan - think Andrew Lloyd Webber for Victorians. They make rather entertaining political commentaries while singing! What more could you want in life? (Disclaimer - brought my boyfriend to see the Mikado - and while he didn't fall asleep, he got pretty close. So it isn't for everyone - hense the bringing of my mother this time around).

Tried a new restaurant Friday night called Flying Piggies - well worth a visit.

And hit Originals - their annual Spring Craft Fair at Landsdowne Park. Bought some nice jewellry and food! Tastetesting is the best part!



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