Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Eat Swanky Food for a Good Cause

And other news...

My friend sent me a link to THIS EVENT on May 2. It's called Bon Appetit Ottawa and features over 90 restaurants and caterers and dozens of wineries and breweries. Tickets are $75 with a $45 tax receipt (so TECHNICALLY that makes them $30). Proceeds raised are donated to local charities and Bon Appetit Ottawa has raised over one million dollars and supported such important charities as the School Breakfast Program, Champions for Children, the Snowsuit Fund and the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa.

And just catching up quickly on a bit more news. Another article HERE on the literacy initiative in Bolivia that I've posted on previously. They will be creating one million teaching posts throughout the country. Wow.



At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Sarah Laws said...

Hi Louise

Saw your comment about our new site - on Jen Robinson's blog.

Glad you like the idea - good luck with the masters!

Hope to see you on our site soon - it's great its being discovered by people all over the world!



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