Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Me to We Awards

Caught a bit about the Me to We Awards this morning on the news.

Remember Craig Kielberger, the Canadian guy who, at 12 years old, was travelling the globe and campaigning for social justice? He's still doing it today, at the age of 22 (that's him in the photo) and is part of the brains behind this latest project.

From the site:

The Me to We Philosophy is about living our lives as socially conscious and responsible global citizens, engaging in daily acts of compassion and kindness, building meaningful relationships and community, and considering the impact on We when making decisions in our own lives. The impact is a social movement where people begin
“ Moving from a world of Me to a community of We ”.

Know somebody deserving of acknowledgement for his/her work? Nominations for this award can be submitted until early June of this year.


At 10:46 AM, Blogger Louise said...

Hey Lyndsay,

He also recently received the Children's Nobel Prize. Article here:

Found it courtesy of Kinsella's Blog yesterday (



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