Saturday, April 22, 2006

Par- TAY at Rideau!

So we had our last Reading Circle at Rideau for the season this morning. In honour of this monumental occasion we threw a bit of a party for the kids and tutors and took some photos.

This wasn't one of them. This is from my Home Scrabble Party in February. I haven't gone digital yet and it just took that long for me to get them developped. Lyndsay had the camera and will upload some nice group shots soon.

However, in honour of the end of season - I thought I'd share some of our rather impressive stats with you:

We had:
- 21 sessions
- 10 volunteer tutors
- 16 registered learners
- 126 hours of instruction
- 108 volunteer hours
- average of 5 tutors a week
- an average of 6 learners a week

So a big THANK YOU to all our tutors and learners for making the program this year so great.

Before I sign off - here are some more Frontier College related photos courtesy of my retro camera:

This was the winning Scrabble Board at my Scrabble Party!

Lyndsay and me at the Family Conference at Immaculata High School last October.

Lyndsay in action at the Family Conference.

Happy Earth Day!



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