Monday, April 10, 2006

Signs of the Times

Be sure to check out this site. It is one of bloggers Blogs of Note for the week. I have a thing about ridiculous signs, so I found it amusing. My personal favorite was one I saw in Hawaii about six years ago. I made my family pull the car over so I could take a photo. It read, "Now entering Banana Virus Quarantine Area". I still wonder what that means. Do all the poor sick bananas have to travel there?

Also, if you wish to check out other Blogs of Note - you can check out the Blogs of Note blog.

In literacy news, while I'm a bit late on this, McGuinty shuffled Ontario's Cabinet last week, so there is now a new Minister of Education in Ontario. The old Minister, Gerard Kennedy, stepped down as it is anticipated that he will be running for leader of the federal Liberal Party. The new Minister is Sandra Pupatello.

Finally, over at Read Alert there is a link to a new book about Harry Potter called "Mapping the World of Harry Potter."




At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Jen Robinson said...

Hi Louise,

Thanks for the Silly Signs link. That brightened my day!

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Louise said...

Mine too - totally off topic, but I always notice when signs are a bit off.

I also remember a second sign while I was in Hawaii warming me of hot lava. We were in a volcano park. I`m thinking if I was in proximity to hot lava, the sign would probably not be the first thing I`d notice...

I actually have a book about them. I may bring it in. I feel a follow-up review coming on!


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