Saturday, April 22, 2006

STAR Volunteer and Service Awards

STAR Volunteer Awards went to:

Janie Lober, West End Shelter Program
Stephen Campbell, Sawmill Creek Homework Club
Jessica Olliver, Rideau Reading Circle
Ellen Coker, Rideau Reading Circle
Kate Greavette, Centretown Reading Circle

Service Awards were issued to:

Catherine Bernier, 88 Main Street, 3 years service
Lyndsay Buehler, Sawmill Creek, 4 years service
Yvonne Clevers, Communications, 4 years service
Clare Demerse, Rideau, 3 years service
Joan Hall, Centretown, 2 years service
Louise Hayes, Rideau, 4 years service
Charles Long, 88 Main Street, 3 years service
Jennier Martin, Rideau, 3 years service
Lorna McCrea, Centretown, 3 years service
Eva Morrison, Centretown, 2 years service
Joan Ryan, Reception House, 2 years service
Jennifer Watt, 88 Main Street, 2 years service

A sincere thank you, round of applause, and platters of appetizers were offered to all of our new and faboo volunteers:

Hilla Aharaon, Rideau
Pankaj Ballal, Fundraiser/Events Coordinator
Cindy Beischer, Sawmill Creek
Cindy Bergeron, Fundraiser/Events Coordinator
Luc Andre Brunet, Reception House
Stephen Campbell, Sawmill Creek
Alex Ciappara, Rideau
Ellen Coker, Rideau
Stephanie Courtney, 88 Main Street
Kristin Cunningham, Sawmill Creek
Samantha Coulas, Centretown and Rideau
Kristin Derry, Sawmill Creek
Margaret Friesen-Stowe, Reception House
Kate Greavette, Centretown
Jennifer Haylor, Reception House
Timothy Ho, Carleton Liaison
Joshua James, 88 Main Street
Le Yen Lam, 88 Main Street and Reception House
Janie Lober, Chrysalis House
Craig Mackie, Centretown and Reception House
Lilah McMorrow, Sawmill Creek
Patrick McMullan, Rideau
Jessica Oliver, Rideau
Leslie Paterson, Rideau and Centretown
Holly Pratt, UofO Liaison
Elena Smyrniatis, Centretown
Jeanette Veter, Chrysalis House
Melanie Wade, Sawmill Creek


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