Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Swimmers are good people!

Caught this story from Australia courtesy of Google Alerts. It is discussing literacy initiatives for Aboriginal peoples in Australia and the links between improved literacy and improved quality of life. I would think there are some interesting parallels to some of the literacy challenges our Aboriginal people face here in Canada. We have posted previously on the Ontario Lieutenant Governor's literacy initiatives with Aboriginal communities HERE and the partnership with Frontier College in this regard HERE.

This article also makes reference to something called the Ian Thorpe Fountain for Youth which according to the article concentrates on grass roots literacy and health education. Books and other early learning materials are placed into communities "that are truly bookless." One project is a literacy backpack which a child can share with their brothers and sisters at home. The books are those Aboriginal teachers recommend.

For those unfamiliar with "the Thorpido in a Speedo" he is an Australian Olympic Swimmer and World Record holder.

So there you have it! Competitive swimmers are good people!

In two other quick news points. Article HERE on the Cuban literacy method being successful in Mexico. Posted previously on Cuba and Literacy HERE. And webpage here of interest on good children`s books divided up by age. Courtesy of fellow local literacy org Also.



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