Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What a Blog's Worth Part 2

As a follow-up to the first post on this issue HERE, our value on Blogshares has risen from $2,633.73 when last reported to $3,647.45. Not too shabby! And thank you to everyone who links to us. We love you too!

Because we missed Poetry Friday last week, I feel a poem coming on to compensate and commemorate this momentous occasion. From memory, courtesy again of my mother and the fact that she would recite it over and over again when I was young:

I love me.
I think I'm grand.
I go to the movies and I hold my hand.
I put my arm,
Around my waist.
And when I get fresh,
I slap my face!

("I" here is the blog collectively). Not sure where the poem comes from - googling it didn't help much - but you'd be surprised how many people out there claim to be the author :). I just think it's a funny poem. When you are feeling down, recite it to yourself and try not to smile.

Now leaving this incredibly geeky moment.



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