Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What makes a good teacher?

Hey all,

Good article courtesy of What's New in JK-12 about a new study from Australia regarding what makes certain teachers more effective than others.

The section that caught my eye:

the most effective teachers - those whose students made the biggest literacy gains over the year - drew on a much wider repertoire of teaching practices. They explained activities more clearly, had deeper subject knowledge, maintained a high level of intellectual challenge for their students and had more fun than did less-effective teachers.

"Good teachers are able to figure out where every child is at and set them a task that's hard for them," said Professor William Louden, dean of education at the University of Western Australia, who led the team of researchers, together with Associate Professor Mary Rohl, of Edith Cowan University.

"Good teachers had the most fun in their classrooms: the lessons were lively, fast-paced, and full of jokes and little classroom games. Good teachers put on a fabulous show and clearly they're the best thing to look at in their classroom.

"Some of the other teachers could get their kids' attention but they did not secure that deep engagement that the most effective teachers did."

So there you have it.

Also, will again be updating the side lists (you may have noticed some recent changes already) to add a section on "About Ottawa" as I came across this blog which seems to pull some of our posts. I haven`t yet figured out quite how that happened - but anyway. The other Ottawa site I use frequently which I will also add is Ottawa Start.

I will also be adding the Organizational Team Job Descriptions to our main links section.

All about Children's books has a post today on Mem Fox. We've posted previously on Mem here and here. Last year we used some of her reading theory stuff in our trainings and it worked very well.

Finally, moving off topic for a moment, I wanted to say a quick hello to my coworked Marc-Olivier Girard (who we all affectionately call MOG). We traded blog links last week - so I'm now testing if he comes back :) Mog runs a French blog about Paul Simon here. As for his comments on my blog:

"J'ai jeté un coup d'œil à ton blog. Très bien, mais j'ai pas tout compris. Quelques fois, je ne voyais pas toujours le lien avec l'alphabétisme. Liked the picture around the plate of hot nachos."

Quick translation - he liked it - but didn't always get the link everything had to literacy (like the nacho photo :) I guess my sign photos are a bit off topic too. As explained - all in good fun.

And wanted to give a shout out to Kat's Eye and Jerz's Literacy Weblog for mentioning us on their blogs. Thanks a lot!



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