Friday, May 05, 2006

Catching up on the News

Little bit of a news round up for you all. In no particular order:

1. Story HERE about a program at the Rainy River District School Board which tries to encourage boys to read. Asks the question: Is it possible, through the use of rich resources, monitored parental involvement, and the involvement of male role models, to increase boys’ interests in literacy and raise their level of reading success?

We have posted stories previously on getting boys to read HERE and HERE, for example.

2. Fun story HERE about a books for babies group in Newfoundland.

3. Story on a study HERE which shows that TV viewing lowers your literacy level. We've posted previous stories/discussion about TV and literacy rates HERE and HERE.

4. Bookshelves of Doom has a good post about The Clique series - specifically "The Pretty Committee Strikes Back" and chick lit for teens in general. Post was a follow up to Naomi Wolf's comments on the Chick lit genre last month when she referred to it as a "disturbing new genre of teen fiction" which portays female characters in a two-dimensional way, contains graphic, sexually explicit content and sends negative messages to young girls.

5. Kids Lit links to a site called the Children's Poetry Archive.

6. Fuse 8 posts on the top 21 kids books made into movies.

7. Ontario's new education Minister Sandra Pupatello made a speech in the legislature on the provinces student success strategy in High Schools.

8. And Lyndsay pointed this link on the Chapters site out to me. It is the top 100 Children`s Books. Have fun browsing for where your favorites are.


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