Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A final note on plagiarism

Hi everyone,

This link is courtesy of Jen Robinson's Book Page. It is of timely interest naturally due to the whole Opal Metha controversy which I have posted on previously HERE and HERE. Meg Cabot is a YA Author probably best known for the Princess Diaries made famous by Disney.

Anyhow, in her blog post HERE she discusses the difference between plagiarism and creating work yourself, as well as the difference between being an overnight sensation and practicing and working at your craft until you are ready. It's a good read and makes the point very well.

On two side issues related to Jen's above post, I'd like to thank her for the shout-out, but also point out that courtesy of her link to another Jen site, I have discovered there is also a Poetry Thursday! I don't have enough poetry inspiration for once a week - let alone twice a week :)


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