Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Other Blog News

Few other bits and pieces of interest over the last few days.

1. Chicken Spaghetti links to an article in The Age about censorship of kid's books being on the rise in Australia and the covert censorship of non-selection of books by librarians.

2. Big A little a reminds everyone that they welcome submissions for the Edge of the Forest. If you are interested in submitting, do get in touch with them. It is a wonderful publication. Last month I wrote the piece for the Kid Picks section. Unfortunately work and life will be preventing my participation this month :(

3. Gail Gauthier finished her read-through and study of "wealthy-girl-gone-bad books" (Gossip Girl, The A-List, The Clique). In her post HERE she asks and tries to answer the questions: "Will These Books Turn Teenage Girls Into Slutty Shopaholics?" and "Do These Books Exploit Teenagers As A Market?"

4. Two stories from the UK HERE and HERE on the decrease in reading to kids before bed and how it is important to do so. Chicken Spaghetti has a post on it HERE.

5. Mother Reader has a post HERE on "Weird-ass Picture Books." At first I just liked the title. But the post is quite good too :)

6. Finally, on a more serious note, courtesy of the UNESCO Blog, 18 million new primary teachers will be needed by 2015 to meet a U.N. goal of providing primary education to all the world's children by 2015. The full report can be found on Reuters HERE.



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