Friday, May 05, 2006

Other people play Scrabble for Literacy too!

Given our whole Scrabble Night in Canada initiative this year, I couldn't help noticing that there are some others with the same idea!

Check out this group in New Jersey, and this initiative below in New Brunswick!

PUBLICATION: Times & Transcript (Moncton)
DATE: 2006.05.04

Scrabble tournament to raise funds for literacy;

Tournament. That's at least 12 points on a Scrabble board. If you like where this is going, you might want to consider taking in this weekend's Annual Literacy Awareness Scrabble Tournament.

"Along with the fun of playing Scrabble, it's just an opportunity to gather information and to get together and talk about literacy," says Micha Fardy, one of the event's organizers and vice president of the Greater Moncton Literacy Board. She has been involved with the annual competition for about four years now and says it's become something many look forward to each year.

"We get full-on Scrabble fans and we get people who just come to play," she explains.

The tournament, which is presented by the Greater Moncton Literacy Board, will raise funds for local literacy organizations.

"It means increased funds for projects that are happening. It can do anything from getting text books to papers and pens," she says. "The people who run these literacy programs can make a little go a long way."

The games will start this Saturday (May 6) from 9 a.m. to noon in Festival Hall of the Moncton City Market. Teams for the event should be made up of three players each, with a minimum donation of $15 per team.

Anyone interested in participating but has not oragnized a team is welcome to join up with others once the event is underway. The team that raises the most money will receive three tickets to a Capitol Theatre presentation and other prizes will be awarded for the top Scrabble teams.


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