Monday, June 12, 2006

Summer Reading, Naked Blog

It’s summer! While it is the season for dressing down, and showing some skin, our blog is downright naked lately!

Students for Literacy Ottawa is trying to compile a list of recommended summer reading.

Here’s how you can help:

Please submit your recommendations and reviews to and have your very own words published in our blog, . If you’d like to post the contribution yourself, please reply to this e-mail and request info on how to set yourself up with a Blogger profile.

Don’t stress about whether your recommendation is a cheap or trashy read. It’s summer! (Did I mention that already?) We all need a beach read or two…

Conversely, don’t fret about recommending a “geek read,” either. This is Students for Literacy, folks: you’re among friends, here. ;-)

Your submission doesn’t have to be long, but quirkiness and creativity are always appreciated. Your recommendation might include:
* Suggestions on the best place to read this book
* Suggestions on the best food/drink to accompany this book
* A story about who gave this book to you or why you bought it (or which doctor’s office waiting room you swiped it from, etc., etc.)
* A story about why there’s a grape popsicle stain on page 174

Your literary good deed will be rewarded: Lyndsay will personally mail a snazzy Frontier College Ottawa pen in an envelope coloured with her very own Crayolas to any SFLO volunteer who submits a contribution.

Questions/Comments/Insults can be posted below….

Happy Reading (and Reviewing!)

To give credit where it's due: that's Ken Kesey in the photo, reading a script, naked, from


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