Wednesday, July 05, 2006

MySpace: Using Its Powers for Good

I've fiddled with Facebook, Flickr and Friendster. I'm a Blogger and a LiveJournal-ist, too.

I love the Web 2.0. (If you do too, check out the list of note-taking toys I found.)

All that to say, I'm not a MySpace Cadet...yet.... but I thought their recent announcement of a Volunteerism promotion campaign was worth a nod.

The contest requires teens to submit a 15-30 second video PSA promoting social activism. Winners will be featured in Seventeen magazine (which like, so totally rawks!).

From the article:
"We wanted to use our two mediums for greater good," said Atoosa Rubenstein, editor in chief of Seventeen, who said the magazine and its editors all started their own MySpace pages to keep in touch with their readers. With 13 million readers, Seventeen is the top-ranked magazine among teenage girls, while MySpace ranks No. 1 among teens' favorite Web sites, she said. "We're almost organizers with a powerful megaphone."

Hmm. I've got visions of Students for Literacy getting MySpaced-out and setting up a visual, virtual, hyperlinked community in cyberspace. (They're pretty visions...)


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