Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What I missed at the fair


Since I've been gone I have missed two carnivals of Children's Literature. For those wondering what a blog carnival is, please click HERE. We have submitted to some in the past and they are a great way to learn about other bloggers out there in the "kidlitosphere" and related fields (like literacy!)ΒΈ To keep track of the Carnivals on Children's Literature, you can go HERE.

Anyway, the two I missed were:

The Fifth Carnival of Children's Literature over at Big A litte a and The Sixth Carnival of Children's Literature over at Castle of the Immaculate.

Some posts of interest, new blogs and things I learnt at the fairs:

1. Many cool lists were compiled this summer. Jen Robinson now has lists on her site of 200 Cool Girls and 175 Cool Boys of Children's Literature and Journey Woman has compiled a list of the Great Antagonists of Children's Literature.
2. Harry Potter might die (I've been under a rock). Liz B. at a Chair, a Fireplace and a Tea Cozy offered this post to carnival. Her post was based on one over at Chasing Ray (blog I didn't know about that I may start following) referring to a previous post there on the issue. Anyhoo, this all stems from some hints JK Rowling made WAY earlier this summer, but getting back to Liz's post, she asks about what other children's/YA books are there were the main character dies?
3. The Disco Mermaids introduced me to Blog or Dare.
4. Gotta Book asks the eternal question: Why Bother to Blog?
5. And courtesy of the Carnivals, I found THIS SITE. Which I will visit again. I like the book club set up (especially as my friend Krista and I are considering starting a book club...).

And now I've added to the collection of summer lists!

Anyway, next Carnival will be hosted by Wands and Words in September and Scholar's Blog (another Buffy fan!) will be hosting in October.


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