Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Odds and Ends

So I'm planning on doing about three more posts today - this quick one summarizing some of the stuff that caught my eyes on the kidslit blogs, one on literacy issues and then a final one on Frontier College in Ottawa Updates. Reason for my radio silence over the last few days can be attributed to my being in Toronto for this and spending some of my (spare) time doing non-blog related Frontier stuff (more on that later).

But moving right along:

First off, a thanks to Jen Robinson for tagging us for Blog Day (August 30)! For more info on the annual event you can check out their official site HERE and the Technorati page on it HERE.

Over at Chicken Spaghetti there is a post and a link to further information on one of my favorite Children's Lit Topics: Pirates!

I include the above graphic in parial homage to my mother who knits kiddie sweaters for local craft-fairs around Ottawa. When Pirates of the Caribbean hit it big a few years back, she dutifully started knitting children's sweaters with the above - naturally in various different colours. Reviews were mixed. Many found them adorable. However, some felt it was inappropriate for her to be encouraging kids to join biker gangs :)

Chicken Spaghetti also had one of the best Poetry Friday posts I've seen to date. I mean, just last week I was like, totally wondering, what Britney's take was on William Blake.

But back for a moment to the realm of children's literature. Mother Reader has been compiling a list of the top children's books of 2006 to date. Jen Robinson has also added her pics here.

Finally, in older news, some stuff I had bookmarked to blog about last week but never got around to:

Create-a-word contest over at Mental Floss. In an odd tie-in to above commentary, one submission from a Marika, that caught my eye:

K-fed-ified: having your upcoming album be denigrated before anyone even hears it. Usually due to whom you’ve decided to marry for money.

My other favorite was a "plutonic relationship". This is a romantic relationship which has recently been downsized to "just friends."

I learnt from Critical Mass that I undercharged when I use to tutor in high school.

And in more serious news, Bart over at Bartograhy had a good post on intellectual freedom issues which linked to a group called AS IF that I was previously unaware of.


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